CHG LLC has built a very successful consulting model over the last 15 years having worked with over 35 specific verticals, industries and business segments. CHG LLC has gained a great deal of experience in leading companies to new levels of performance and has worked very closely with Entrepreneurs, Managers and Owners achieving their goals for growth.  A list of the verticals served is as follows:

  • Call Centers                                                 Insurance
  • Estate Planning Firms                                Law Firms
  • Medical Practices                                       Dental Practices
  • Plumbing/Heating Companies                Publishing
  • Service Industries                                      Water Treatment
  • Asset Managers                                          CPA Practices
  • Telecom Industries                                    Professional Services
  • Construction                                              Mortgage Co.’s
  • Manufacturing                                           Multi-Level Marketing
  • Infomercial Products                                IT Solutions and Outsourcing
  • Real Estate                                                 Commercial Real Estate
  • Business-To-Consumer                           Business-To-Business
  • Software Co’s                                             Financial Services
  • Non-Profit Organizations                       Retail & Restaurants
  • Inventors                                                    Seminar Companies
  • Other Consulting Firms                           Medical Spa’s
  • Practice Management Firms                   Tourism and Travel

Our operational and exit strategy  services to clients includes:

  • Increasing the value of the target company through growth
  • Consulting and advisement as to proper exit strategy
  • Sourcing possible merger opportunities
  • Sourcing possible acquisition opportunities
  • Experienced in guiding and preparing companies for sale.
  • Experience working with brokerages/ investors finding buyers available at a fair market price.
  • Experience in negotiations of the sale and maximizing the value of the company.
  • C-level leadership with full management and operational control, Balance Sheet and P and L oversight.


  • $12m financial services company- directed to a structured buyout and Employee ownership program
  • $10m public co. that was acquired from an executive within based on a structured buyout
  • $10m retail franchise organization- facilitated and managed all facets of the sales of franchise units to accredited buyers
  • $2m After market auto business- took to a successful acquisition
  • $2m  Medical practice- have a $4m capital raise in the pipeline as well as  negotiating a current merger\acquisition with large National competitor
  • $6m Tourism business- led to a successful acquisition (asset sale)
  • $2m family owned light manufacturing business- seeking outright sale for retirement\exit
  • $10m family owned printing business seeking specific exitin 3 years- negotiating with large competitors for exit
  • $12m Spirits and Beverage company- published to the street for outright sales of the brand. Presenting to Bacardi for acquisition
  • Software platform valued at $12-15m – seeking to sell the IP and patents to large software competitor
  • Software platform in the Career recruiting\Social media space valued at $8-10m- seeking to sell the IP and patents to current online Jobs site i.e. Monster etc.
  • Medical device with a $5m valuation- seeking to sell to large Medical device company