Grow Your Business: Funding/Capital/Investment for expansion :

Corporate Holdings Group is always seeking small, emerging businesses to partner with for growth, funding/capital and an eventual exit strategy. Our model, a very successful, 15 year old, nationwide consulting practice whose specialty is growing businesses, developing capital and creating exit strategies for owners (mergers, acquisitions, outright sale or strategic partnerships) is specifically focused on increasing the value of a small business, scaling it for growth and then sourcing a merger/acquisition or sale.

The CHG LLC model is to come inside the business as a “working partner” to build revenues and profits and create operational efficiency. CHG LLC has an extensive network of capital sources for funding and for expansion and this same network produces opportunities for exit strategies. Once the business has reached maximum value we can mutually decide how to capitalize on or realize that upside in valuation.

What CHG LLC can offer you is:
Funding and capitalization: Short Term/Private Equity/VC/Angel/Private Funding Sources

Investment Banking Services

Equity and Debt Funding
CEO level Management Experience over 15 years
Expert at Business Development, Sales and Marketing
Working Partner/Operational Executive
Onsite, in the trenches and rolling up the sleeves inside the business creating growth
Work with business owners in any state
Duplicate the business model through a franchise, license or distributor model
Ability to create a merger, acquisition, outright sales or take the company public

CHG LLC would request an opportunity to discuss our mutual interests and to describe how this unique model can bring value to your business. Please respond by “Contact Us” tab, by email or call directly.

Service Description

Each case is different so the approach is to customize a solution that is best for your company. The funding projects that CHG LLC takes on are sometimes proposed at an hourly-rate structure, while other projects fit better when proposed with a monthly fee to complete the required tasks to package your company for presentation to funding sources and then if funded a bonus for completion or an amount of vested equity. Fees will vary and typically are for a minimum 6 month engagement.

– Has successfully raised funds for start-ups
-Currently raising more funds for successfully  launched companies,  new products in new  markets

CHG LLC wants to render the best possible service to its clients, that maximizes their capital raising and project outcomes. First thing is to find out more about you. Get to know who you are, your ambition, your level of experience and cultural background.

Understanding how you think helps me identify appropriate answers and approach to solve your problem.

Is your project bankable?
–           Build/audit cash flows projections and models that are real tools for decision making
–           Perform valuable market research by looking beyond the desk and calling real people with  actual business insight
–           Help assess project’s bankability by performing risk assessment and testing debt capacity of cash flows.
–           Perform cost benefit and break-even analysis (if you don’t understand the costs, you do not understand your business!)

What are your plans to get there?
–           Set out your corporate strategy:  From a vision to a set of clear   objectives
–           What are your real advantages over the competition?
–           Most importantly how does that translates into actionable plans with clear deliverables for your team?
–           Strengthen your business case by reviewing key risks and discussing ways to ensure they  are mitigated
–           Beware of the competition’s  reaction
–           How do you promote your products/services?

How much you need to raise?
–           Assess  your  costs and cash flows needs
–           Assess  amount of debt vs equity you may be able to raise
–           How about a  bank’s loan?
–           How about suppliers or clients’  credits?

Your proposal to investors and partners
–           Package research and analysis findings into a winning presentation for strategic partners and investors
–           Build a winning executive summary  (the most important piece of your proposal)
–           Structure and write the business plan (: VCs, investors don’t read word­ based business plans. All they want is a well-summarized plan in a reader-friendly powerpoint/keynote  format)
–          Boost your presentation impact by using advanced PPT and keynote styles.

Contract documents
–           NDA
–           Write your  partnership/proposals  term-sheets

–           Prepare the management  for a fundraising campaign
–           Due diligence pack
–           Recommend your  project/team to potential private  investors