Typical (sample case) 6 month strategy for a start up to get them to market:

Focus is our Execution Philosophy of Systems-Staffing-Sales

CHG LLC Philosophy on Execution : 3S Success: Systems lead to Staff leads to Sales

CHG LLC creates and develops the proper systems to run every function and facet of the business. These systems leverage time, efficiency and human capital as employees can typically be trained rapidly and complete systems mean fewer employees can operate more functions of the business.

Systems lead to staffing– once proper systems are in place, the business knows exactly what type of employee (staff) it needs and can hire more effectively. In some cases, mature systems can lend the ability to hire entry level, or lesser experienced employees (staff) and create the same operational productivity and output as more expensive, senior level employees. Of course mature systems also benefit senior staff as it allows for leverage in their productivity as well thus gaining even more results from their efforts.

Proper systems and staffing will then result in increased sales as the company will be operating most efficiently, giving much more time and resources to dedicate to sales efforts. Here agin, systems and staff , properly aligned to the company’s mission and objective will mean the sales staff will have a very focused track to run on and a very accountable system to measure their success.

Sample Case (start up)


To  create a detailed strategic and tactical go to market plan and operational plan for start up company focusing on initial sales revenues and profitability. This would include a comprehensive analysis and recommendations for growth in 3 primary areas of the business: Systems/Staffing/Sales. Then implement and execute that plan through to maturity.



Create a  start up service business with an initial sales benchmark of $100,000 in top line sales revenues monthly in the first year of operation through developing sales and marketing efforts that have stronger and efficient margins and creating efficient operations of the business to drop more profit to the bottom line. In addition, where appropriate, find funding sources to improve cash flow and to enable expansion of the business.

First 30 Days:  Analysis

The first tasks would be to perform a top down analysis, which would result in a written , strategic plan, of how we would Go To Market. In addition, if a business plan is needed for raising capital or securing funding,  complete a full financial package. These plans would include a SWOT Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Web/Online/Social Media Analysis, Financial Statements, Pro Forma projections as well as analysis of the 3 primary business functions: Systems/Staffing/Sales. Through this process we would determine/identify areas that need to be exploited and  areas of market potential . Not only will we focus on revenue growth, but analyzing all operational systems, controls and procedures for greater profitability.

Create leveraged marketing and advertising activities to ensure the greatest ROI and effectiveness and create a comprehensive marketing plan complete with budgets, timelines and expected conversion rates for lead generation, new customer/client acquisition etc.

Address all possible sales channels to include building a sales rep team, affiliate sales, strategic partners, loyalty and referral leveraged sales.. To implement we would recruit, train and oversee new talent and manage them for productive results. In addition, installing a professional sales management system with goal setting, accountability and precise reporting to ensure the rep is doing their job, thus minimizing the potential loss of time and productivity.

Ongoing basis, analyze all management, staffing, operational systems and specifically financial statements, P/L,  cash flow controls, A/P and A/R. This will assist in creating more profit and identifying means for funding for expansion.

Next 30 Days: Implementation

Sales opportunities should be identified by the strategic Go To Market plan and are implemented. These areas of opportunities could include but are not limited to:

  • Build sales rep program/ recruiting, training and introduction to the field
  • Create industry lead flow i.e. other service business partners
  • Greater web and SEO online presence/lead generation
  • Expansion through a strategic partner plan
  • Affiliate sales program
  • Greater use of social media
  • Direct mail campaigns or email advertising
  • Other lines of complimentary services brought in for a variety of revenue sources
  • Referral and/or Loyalty programs introduced
  • Execute on the marketing plan created
  • Strategic Partner or Co-Marketing opportunities identified
  • Introduce service through aggregator sites  (both for the customer side and the labor side)


Next 60 to 90 Days: Maturation

At this point, the oversight of current sales and marketing efforts should be showing improvement and upward trends to meet the established revenue goals. New marketing/advertising/ sales channels should be coming online and maturing so a payoff is able to be seen and predicted. Some tweaking or variations on these may need to be worked on here to adjust for unforeseen market influences. Revenue growth, margins and cost of operations should be showing improvement so bottom line profit goals should be seen as realistic. To that end some new form of funding should be in place or in the pipeline for expansion and growth into new markets