CHG LLC is seeking small, emerging companies or start ups where we can contribute our extensive skills to create significant

growth over a number of years with the planned end result of an exit strategy at some point in the future. CHG LLC brings

value to your organization in 3 major areas: C-level organizational/operations and administrative management, securing funding, whether external or organic growth, and lastly driving national sales and marketing.

CHG LLC will create business development, execution and added valuation by contributing in a number of ways:


  • Be responsible for creating and managing all operational and administrative functions
  • Oversee all financial controls- P and L responsibility
  •  Manage all facets of the business as well as all staff
  •  Oversee all HR tasks including hiring, training and terminations
  • Develop various national  sales/distribution channels with strategic market introduction
  • Develop an effective marketing and sales strategy
  • Develop a strategic plan/business plan for growth and be chiefly responsible for executing on the plan
  • Seek out strategic partners or branded deals
  • Create a licensee, distributor or franchise model if appropriate
  • Seek out private label or white label opportunities if appropriate
  • Seek funding, prepare investor presentation and publish to funding sources when and where needed
  • Operate the functions of the business that you delegate  so owners can focus on other areas of preference
  • Essentially CHG LLC would be responsible for all executive management and business development of the company and it’s brand

In order to do this CHG LLC recommends an engagement as follows:

  • A monthly fee commensurate with our role that is affordable in the early stages but is open to increase as we build the company
  • This can be measured in a short term engagement at first to see if our work efforts are aligned and then made more permanent as we develop a comfort level
  • A percentage or royalty on all new sales CHG LLC produces or some form of bonus/profit share
  • Equity participation: a small amount granted at inception and then an “earn in” up to a predetermined maximum based on performance triggers
  • A title that would carry enough significance as to allow CHG LLC to have authorization to operate the business, credibility when negotiating with vendors, partners etc.
  • Worst case scenario, a fee for service contract to accomplish all of this but at a higher rate given no equity etc.